• Projects

    Some of the major upcoming projects I am involved in

    Lionstock Project

    An initiative by Saving The Lion Foundation

    The Lionstock Project by Saving The Lion Foundation is a revolutionary project which aims to not only increase and maintain the economic freedoms of African communities, but also protect lion populations. It aims to do this through publicly funded financial assurance for African communities when livestock is killed by lions. After detailed research and discussion with partners on the ground, and after Saving The Lion Foundation was able to fund the rescue and relocation of a lioness we have decided that this project allows the public to have an affordable and direct impact on the lives of lions in Africa.

    Ouvrir Galerie

    Helping aspiring photographers and artists

    Ouvrir Galerie was founded to help establish a pathway for aspiring painters and photographers to access opportunities to exhibit and sell their art. Ouvrir Galerie achieves this through low commission fees and support for artists through their brand and reputation building journey. Ouvrir Galerie is able to provide this branding and business building assistance through our private and corporate partnerships.

    7 Summits Challenge

    A huge personal goal and challenge

    I have a great love of hiking, adventure, and exploring nature. It's for that reason that I have decided to take on the 7 Summits Challenge (which refers to summating the highest peak of each of the seven continents). This will no doubt be a huge challenge and will require massive amounts of training - however, I pride myself on my determination and commitment. I have always loved challenges and this is simply another one I intend to overcome.