• About

    I am a 17 year old entrepreneur and philanthropist from Melbourne, Australia. Below is a bit of a timeline of my career to help you get to know me.


    In 2014 I founded Saving The Lion Foundation which under my leadership as Chairman and CEO (positions that I still hold today) has become the world's largest lion conservation awareness organisation. We work with partners worldwide, and we are also about to launch one of the most innovative lion conservation programs that have been established.


    In 2015 I took my first step into the business world when I founded Bourke Capital at age 15. As CEO I expanded Bourke Capital to hold investments across 4 continents, with primary interests in Hong Kong, Australia, and New York - with operations based around stocks, currency, and precious metals. In addition to this, in 2015 I first became interested in photography and took it up as a hobby.


    In 2016 I became more politically and philanthropically involved, and whilst I continued to grow my business interests, I was also funding several other charitable campaigns - including Kermode Bear awareness, climate change research, historical preservation etc. I was featured in the media worldwide for my political activities and became a noted conservative commentator.


    2017 has undoubtedly been my biggest year to date. This year I have provided pro-bono political/non-profit consulting services to campaigns and organisations worldwide, in addition to serving in executive positions in the tech, aerospace, energy, scientific research, and investment sectors. I was appointed and continue to serve as CEO of Kapitel Kapital Aktiengesellschaft which now has offices in Geneva, Frankfurt, and Vienna (with an intention to open a further location in Paris) and CEO of Ardent Stallion Capital Management LLP - a London-based UCIS fund with an office in London and which is currently seeking to expand to a Dallas location. In addition to this I have joined the board of several charitable organisations including in my position as Chairman of Ouvrir Galerie, which provides support to budding photographers and artists. I have also become more interested and involved in my photography and am also expanding my photography, travel, and opinion blogging.


    2018 is also set to be a big year, as I am currently involved in the founding and setting up of a fossil fuel and natural resource company, called Hadrian Resources, for which I will serve as CEO. I hope that through these operations we will be able to help secure the future for fossil fuels - a proven and stable source of energy - whilst also achieving profits for our shareholders and exploring resources such as gold, silver, copper etc.


    In 2018 Kapitel Kapital Aktiengesellschaft under my leadership underwent a large restructuring - relocating to New York, refocusing to its own assets, and changing its name to Hadrian Global Inc. I serve as CEO of the new company.